By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Segun Idowu, the executive director of the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts, said that while the response through donations from large corporations to Black causes has been “something we haven’t seen before,” he added that more needs to be done to help minority business communities.

Idowu talked to WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller about how corporations have responded to social justice movements with financial donations.

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“We’ve seen a shift in the response of corporate America in particular to recent events, something we haven’t seen before,” said Idowu. “I think it’s a good start, but I would particularly like to see our Massachusetts-based companies who reap much of their profits from Black and Brown communities stepping up to the same plate and delivering some type of capital that would help to grow Black businesses in Black communities throughout the Commonwealth.”

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Idowu also spoke about a study showing the buying power of Black consumers, and added that more can be done to make sure Black business owners can thrive as well.

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“Black culture is driving American culture right now. Not only right now, but throughout our history,” said Idowu. “What’s apparent is that companies certainly see the value in Black dollars. Now we want to ensure that they see the rest of the artistry, the value in Black lives and investing in that and again ensure that we have access to all the resources necessary to grow and contribute to our communities.”

Jon Keller