BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady has been in the NFL for two decades, so he knows a thing or two about running a football practice. That’s something his new Buccaneers teammates have learned pretty quickly.

Though NFL facilities are closed, and the NFLPA’s medical director has recommended against working out amid the coronavirus pandemic, Brady is eager to build chemistry with his new teammates. The QB has held a handful of workouts with his receivers and other offensive players, including a pair this week.

They may just be workouts, but they also tend to get pretty intense and they cover a lot of ground. As Buccaneers running back Dare Ogunbowale explained, the workouts have more of a practice feel than a simple “getting to know you” gathering.

“The way he runs our workouts is like a practice,” Ogunbowale said on the the Zach Gelb on CBS Sports Radio. “Instead of just telling us run a dig or something like that, he’s telling us the full play call. He’s doing his cadence as if we were in a game. He’s making adjustments, doing the hots and sights. With a guy like him, it’s really easy.”

No days off for Mr. Brady. Wonder where he got that approach?

Training camp is supposed to kick off at the end of next month, but Brady appears to be pretty anxious to get his post-New England career going. While most teams aren’t doing anything at this time, he’s taking full advantage and putting in extra work. Maybe that will give the 43-year-old Brady and the Bucs a leg up on the rest of the NFL when the 2020 season eventually kicks off.