BOSTON (CBS) — If you’re criticizing Tom Brady for practicing during the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears the Buccaneers quarterback has a message for you.

After working out with teammates down in Tampa on Thursday, Brady posted an image to his Instagram story with a famous quote from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “Only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”

Brady is making it clear that he isn’t going to let anything get in the way of him developing chemistry with his new teammates — not even a pandemic.

After several NFL players and employees tested positive for COVID-19 over the last few weeks, NFLPA medical director Dr. Thom Mayer has recommended that players stop holding private practices together until the start of training camp. Brady obviously isn’t following that recommendation, with Thursday’s session the second time he and his new Buccaneers teammates have hit the field this week.

It’s not the best look for the quarterback, especially with Florida in the middle of a severe COVID-19 outbreak, but he isn’t backing down.

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  1. D Guckenburg says:

    Good for him!! Don’t back down to the “Cancel Fascist Culture”.

  2. first jump says:

    The guy is brave and hard working. I appreciate his stance for the working class that can’t have the luxury of being afraid and hiding.

  3. Jim Vick says:

    “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” Proverbs 9:10

  4. UFOclub says:

    I guess time will tell, won’t it? Lol, it’s already played out with statements and beliefs from 4 months ago.

  5. Ninja Please says:


  6. Lamar Franchesi says:

    People must have forgotten about Brady’s dinner meeting with Bill Gates several months ago when this was first hitting the country.

    Brady also knows that the death rate remains lower now than it did back in March and April. With over a third of the US deaths coming out of a single NY hospital, Elmhurst Hopsital in Queens.

    And Brady probably also knows that half of the US deaths came from nursing homes as a result of infected patients coming back from hospitals.

  7. Tina says:

    The covid 19 virus has no knowledge if you are afraid or not; it will just infect you if you present yourself to it. People thinking their attitude has anything to do with getting infected is magical thinking. The death rate is increasing in over half the states, especially including Florida, and Brady knows that. He’s way beyond tone deaf in his action and with his tweet. The claim that a third of deaths have come from one place is clueless. You can find facts by looking these things up yourself. The new infections are late teens thru 50: the people who are most ignoring the things we know for sure stop the virus spread: masks AND physical distancing and staying away from groups of people. When Brady’s practices result in some of them getting Covid 19 and maybe impacting the NFL season, cancelling precious Sundays spent watching the games, people will have a different opinion of what Brady is really doing….not actually giving a damn about his new teammates and their families and friends and communities. And for the record, I’m a New Englander, a Pats fan and was a Brady fan.

  8. New Florida guy Tom Brady says, quoting FDR, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” suggesting we shouldn’t fear COVID-19. Tom should read the rest of the sentence. “nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror.” FDR was trying to rally people during the Great Depression. This is a PANDEMIC. A whole different ballgame, Tom. Our fear of this “terror” is NOT nameless, unreasoning or unjustified.

  9. JS says:

    Where is he practicing at…..isn’t everything shut down?

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