BOSTON (CBS) — It would appear Curt Schilling, who is no stranger to creating outrage on social media, has deleted his Twitter account. The former Red Sox pitcher no longer has a Twitter account as of Wednesday morning, hours after he compared the situation surrounding NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace to that of Jussie Smollett.

After the FBI determined that Wallace had not been the victim of a hate crime after a noose was found hanging in his garage at the Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday, Schilling retweeted a SportsCenter tweet with the following commentary: “So we have @JussieSmollett v 2.0? Where is the media recanting their idiocy?” He followed that up with a response to a someone: “It was all a lie.”

In February of last year, Smollett claimed he was attacked by two strangers in Chicago, and was left beaten and with a rope tied around his neck. Following an investigation, it was determined that Smollett staged the attack.

Schilling, in his commentary of the Wallace situation, was suggesting that the driver made the story up. Wallace, however, did not find, report or announce the news of noose on Sunday — all of which was done by NASCAR. Schilling’s tweets were met with backlash on the social media platform, and his account was deactivated a short time later.

This isn’t the first time Schilling’s online commentary has landed him in hot water. He was suspended by ESPN in 2015 and taken off coverage of the Little League World Series after he shared a meme comparing Muslims and Nazi Germany, and was fired by the network in 2016 after sharing an anti-transgender post on Facebook.

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  1. VincentVega says:

    You missed this one kurt, juise made up a crime, there was no crime in the Talladega garage

  2. Tom Graves says:

    Another MAGA pitcher bites the dust!

    1. Tom Graves says:

      Since he is not in HOF, do you think he is trying to limit the damage his stupid comments might have on the next ballot? Entry to HOF implies being a role model; he is not a role model.

  3. BobTerrace says:

    Shilling is a racist and a right wing Fascist besides being a crook. He should be ashamed to be in public in any way.

    1. Tom Graves says:

      Crook? You bet; his 38 Studio fiasco cost RI taxpayers millions$$. He is a true disciple of the Trump business model. Hall of Fame material? No character.

  4. mark says:


    1. coch01 says:

      CAN YOU? please, tell us exactly what the similarities are? Let me guess, color?

      1. Tom Graves says:


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