By Dr. Mallika Marshall

BOSTON (CBS) — Dr. Mallika Marshall is answering your coronavirus-related medical questions. If you have a question for Dr. Mallika, email her or message her on Facebook or Twitter.

Dr. Mallika is offering her best advice, but as always consult your personal doctor before making any decisions about your personal health.

“My 25-year old son lives outside my home. I’m 65 with heart disease. I really want to be able to hug him when he comes to social distance. If we both have masks on, can we?” – Chris

I love that you have a family that likes to hug and kiss, but given you’re in a high-risk category, best to wait. I’m glad you’re able to have socially distanced visits though.

Is it safe for a 74-year old man to go to physical therapy for a sore back? Anita

Yes, medical facilities, in general, are taking special precautions to keep their staff and patients safe. He should expect to wear a mask while he’s there and they may not allow you to come into the building with him.

“When I’ve gone to my local hospital they take my temperature and make me wear a mask but the people at the front desk aren’t wearing masks. Is that safe?” – John

I’m not sure under what circumstances someone working in a hospital and speaking to patients wouldn’t be wearing a mask. At our clinic, you cannot enter without wearing a mask, whether you’re an employee or a patient. It’s one of the most important things we can all do to protect each other from catching the virus.

“My husband had COVID but I did not. He doesn’t wear a mask when he goes out. Can he bring the virus home to me? – Sandi 

Since we don’t know yet whether someone can become infected again with the virus or for how long they may continue to shed the virus, it would be wise for him to continue to wear a mask when out in public.

Dr. Mallika Marshall


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