By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) — As a call for fathers to stand up on Father’s Day, a few dozen fathers came together at Nubian Square in Roxbury for a rally and peace walk.

The event was organized by G.L.O. Solutions for Humanity. “We are here to engage, inspire, and encourage all of our neighborhoods, all of our folks for economic and social development,” organizer Eric Rainey said. “It starts with the father, it starts in the home.”

Several grassroots Boston organizations took part in the march. They were there to take a stand, to better the relations between the police and the community, and be in the positions that bring about change.

“It’s now time, and has been time for us men, to take our rightful positions in the neighborhood and empower our communities and our families the way that we are supposed to,” Charles Cofield of Roxbury said.

From Nubian Park, they marched to Malcolm X Park. The group also paused for 8 minutes in honor of George Floyd.

“Kids only model the behaviors they see around them and we are seeing a broken community. But I know with this type of thing that we have all of us collected together, all of us united, all of us speaking together, loving each other, all of us uplifting each other, inspiring each other, keeping each other accountable, we could change our whole entire community,” said Kurt Faustin stressLESS Society,

Paul Burton

  1. Joe Paquet says:

    Hello Mr Burton, do you know how I might reach the organizer to see if we can bring this initiative to all of New England?

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