By Tiffany Chan

WHITMAN (CBS) – Jason Flebotte put the finishing touches on his Whitman backyard Saturday, just in time to welcome friends and family for a Trump campaign rally watch party.

“We just put the outside projector on the screen, the Trump cutout and the flags,” he said.

The Trump supporter said he was excited to tune into the president’s first campaign rally in three months. It’s also the first since COVID-19 shut down the country.

The rally went ahead even after six Trump campaign staffers tested positive for the virus in Tulsa on Saturday.

“Sure, I mean, we’re all adults and you don’t have to go if you don’t want to go,” Flebotte said of rally-goers.

Flebotte’s wife, a nurse, tested positive for COVID-19 as well, but has survived the virus.

The outdoor projector at Flebotte’s house in Whitman. (WBZ-TV)

Noticeably absent during the rally? The President’s face mask.

Flebotte’s father-in-law is a Trump supporter as well, but said that doesn’t mean he agrees with everything the president says and does.

“If you’re going to be a leader, you have to lead by example,” said Richard Battista. “What does that mean? Put a mask on, Mr. President.”

This comes after the Supreme Court ruled against Trump on immigration and LGBTQ+ rights this week, followed by a tell-all book being released by his former national security advisor, John Bolton.

“I will read it at some point and I will make up my own mind, but does he have an ax to grind? Of course he does! He was fired! He’s a disgruntled employee,” Battista said.

One family friend said that politics aside, she just wants to hear how the president will help the country recover from COVID-19.

“I think we have to respect what he’s trying to do for our country,” said Tara Coleran.

“The country has never been shut down before in my lifetime,” Flebotte said. “How would anybody have responded?”

Tiffany Chan


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