BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts will allow indoor dining at restaurants and nail salons to reopen on Monday, June 22, Gov. Charlie Baker said Friday, as he announced the start date for Phase 2, Part 2 of the state’s reopening plan. The governor also said Phase 3 will not start anytime before Monday, July 6.

Also allowed to reopen this coming Monday will be other close contact personal services like day salons, massage therapy, tattoo parlors, electrolysis studios and personal training.

Retailers can also open fitting rooms by appointment only.

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Baker added that offices will now be allowed to expand capacity from 25-percent to 50-percent Monday as well.

“However we urge employers to continue to allow their employees to work from home, whenever possible,” said Lt. Governor Karyn Polito, who joined Baker at the briefing Friday afternoon.

“Right now fewer than 1,000 people in the Commonwealth are hospitalized. I went back to the middle of April, and couldn’t find a number that was that low,” Baker told reporters. “This progress is encouraging and proves that we’re moving in the right direction as we continue our gradual reopening.”

The governor said Friday he wants to see two weeks of coronavirus data in Massachusetts before allowing Phase 3 to begin, which means it could not start anytime before Monday, July 6. That phase would include gyms, movie theaters, casinos and museums, youth sports with games and tournaments with limited crowd sizes and, on a phased basis, residential camps with restrictions.

Many were hoping Phase 3 would start Monday June 29, three weeks after the start of Phase 2. When the reopening process began in May, Baker said each phase had to be at least three weeks apart, based on the data.

“If everyone continues to do their part, we will continue to make progress together,” Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Mike Kennealy told reporters.  “So far, there’s a lot of reason for optimism. It’s very encouraging to see the increase in interactions among family and friends, as well as a burst of activity in local downtowns, with of course the vast majority of people following the rules.”

“The progress we’re making here in Massachusetts demonstrates that if we’re vigilant and disciplined, we can do both – reopening and containing COVID, but it only works when everybody does their job to slow the spread,” Baker said.

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  1. mark says:

    Why do I feel that the Governor and Democrats are using a virus to push a political agenda to eradicate any opposition to the State? Small business, individuals constitution rights, anything that opposes the power of the State must be subjugated and regulated to restrict freedom. Freedom is the life blood of our way of life and any attempt to do so, is tyrannical and dangerous.

    1. Cellra Zor says:

      Dear troll,

      You do realize that the governor is a republican, yes?

      1. Nunya says:

        Dear Cellra,
        You do realize Charlie Baker is a RINO, yes?

  2. JOHN J DUMAS says:

    Good less driving out of state for lunch.

  3. Noneof Yourbusiness says:

    Charlie Baker is a PURE RINO in every sense of the word .. he is worthless .. useless … and should resign … I hope Businesses sue this state into Bankruptcy as they have already begun to do so for over stepping their authority .. Constitutional RIghts are not trumped By Fear Mongering

  4. Punky Baker says:

    Phase 1 existed so states and localities could get more test kits, secure more PPE including ventilators, convert more hospital beds into ICU, and control additional space for hospital space (convert large public space like convention centers).

    Phase 2 will and should bring more sickness – if so you aren’t opening fast enough. Only difference is phase 2 you have lots more capacity to take care of sick folks.

    If Phase 2 numbers are expected to trail phase 1 then someone does not understand the steps and process.

  5. Fred says:

    Baker isn’t a real republican. He delegated the re-opening to a “working group” made up of all democrats.

    When will people learn that voting democrat for 50 plus years won’t make your life better. It will just enforce autocracy and trampling of civil rights.

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