By Cheryl Fiandaca

BOSTON (CBS) – Nearly 700 day care providers and parents have signed a letter to Gov. Charlie Baker in opposition to relaxing guidelines for daycare. The group, Early Educators and Advocates of Massachusetts, said opening too soon is not safe.

“If you have ever tried to wash a 3-year-old’s hands, it’s not that simple,” said Britnee Vincente, a parent and a day care teacher. She said re-opening day care centers could put families at risk, and children getting COVID-19 and bringing it home could create serious health concerns.

“My daughter lives with two people with compromised immune systems now,” Vincente said. “That’s where my concern for risk is coming.”

Carolyn Breton, one of the organizers of Early Educators and Advocates of Massachusetts. (WBZ-TV)

Carolyn Breton is one of the organizers of Early Educators and Advocates of Massachusetts. “We feel they are willing to sacrifice health and safety for profit,” she said. “We understand the need for child care. Do we push for looser restrictions to help providers at the risk of health and safety or do we err on the side of caution? It is not an easy decision.”

However, other providers said they understand the challenges to keep everyone safe and are working to meet state guidelines and the demand.

Melodia Ferrucci runs Toddler Loving Care. She said the shutdown has cut “our revenues by a lot, but we understand they are doing it with the best interest of the public and our children. We’re hoping that this is short-term and with some time, it will change.”

All of this was part of a discussion Wednesday night at a town hall meeting the state held on Facebook.

Cheryl Fiandaca

  1. JOHN J DUMAS says:

    Collecting children from a wide area into an indoor space has always been the best way to exchange any illness that is available. 30 children probably have about 300 contacts any one of which passes their various illnesses back to the 299 other contacts. These people should be on a reverse 911 type system which will be used when someone or multiple someones test positive.

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