By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Ed Davis, WBZ-TV security analyst and former Boston Police commissioner, spoke to political analyst Jon Keller about his experience with racism within police departments, and why he doesn’t believe President Donald Trump will be able to provide a police reform solution.

“I know there’s racism everywhere and I know it exists in the police department. But it’s a small percentage,” said Davis. “I couldn’t put a number on it. I’ve been in the locker rooms, I’ve been in the roll calls, I’ve worked my way up through the ranks. It’s not something you hear. There might be one or two people who say something here or there, but this is not a pervasive problem that I have experienced.”

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Davis said when he saw the video of George Floyd’s death, he was “disgusted,” adding “There’s not many things that make me physically sick, but that was one of them, that kind of indifference to human life.”

Keller asked Davis about calls to defund police departments.

“I think it’s a bad political slogan because it doesn’t describe what people really want to do. When you start to ask people, they talk about diverting some money into social programs,” said Davis. “The question is what’s the right number of police officers on the street. Once you get to that point where if somebody in Roxbury or Mattapan picks up the phone and asks for assistance, you can send an officer immediately, that’s the right number of police officers out there.”

When asked how much confidence he has that President Donald Trump can ease tensions and find a solution to police reform, Davis said “none whatsoever.”

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“He’s fueled the flames of these type of incidents by telling police they should be arresting people in a very hard manner,” said Davis. “He’s promised things before on gun reform that he’s backed away from. I don’t have any hope there. This change is going to come from states and cities and people who are responsive to the community.”

Jon Keller