BOSTON (CBS) – In the last couple of days, many viewers have reached out to WBZ and WSBK regarding comments made by Phantom Gourmet CEO Dave Andelman.

Andelman co-hosts Phantom Gourmet, which airs on both stations. He recently posted several comments on social media regarding protests after the death of George Floyd.

On Saturday Andelman apologized, writing, “I want to apologize. I maintain my own Facebook Page. I made comments on that page that were inappropriate, hurtful, and wrong regarding the Boston protests.

“I support everyone’s right to free speech and free assembly. I, too, desire racial and social justice. My record of philanthropy and business reflects this.

“I made a mistake. I apologize. I feel terrible. We all make mistakes. And I ask for your forgiveness.”

In a statement, station President and General Mark Lund wrote, “WBZ-TV is committed to our community, by working together, listening to one another, and supporting each other. After careful consideration, we have decided to place Phantom Gourmet on hiatus pending further review.”

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  1. Rich (Aquinnah Wampamoag Tribal Elder) says:

    Thank you! This mentality by hiden bigots needs to be sought out, scrutinized and made public so we who care, can decide who we are willing to trust and listen to.

    1. So don’t listen. Pretty simple. Go watch Meet the Press instead and watch that bread dead loser at the same time.

  2. Ricky Paquiot says:

    After watching the broadcast tonight AND searched “WBZ Phantom” to see if that was true from the screenshots I do forgive Dave Andelman for the sensitive words he used, that said I LOVE the Phantom Gourmet since 2013 and STILL do today. I’ve been a long time viewer of that show for 7 years on WSBK-TV. Whatever you deiced is fine but please don’t take the show off the air but maybe do have Dan Andelman as a one man host.

  3. 128guy says:

    Running a TV show about fried food doesn’t give you the right to dump on people who don’t look like you or are exercising their 1st amendment rights. Accusing people of “hating” all cops because they are protesting the killing of someone who was asphyxiated for nothing and the comment “take a knee if you like ketchup on hotdogs to take a knee” were particularly offensive.

    Thank you WBZ for doing the right thing.

    1. Bob says:

      He has the right to say what he wants, regardless of weather or not he has a TV show. People can also respond how they want. With everything going on. I’m not surprised they’ve suspended the show. I’m sure it will be back though, With or without him. I’d prefer without.

  4. karen says:

    The Andelmans have a history of saying misogynistic and racist statements. They have treated staff at restaurants and bars poorly. They are not sorry, otherwise they would have changed long ago. It’s 2020, not 1950. He only apologized because the public contacted advertisers and the station. Just because they feel entitled does not mean they deserve a platform to spread hate.

  5. Alex Darc says:

    Too little, Too late.
    I won’t watch the show again if he is involved.

    1. crowneagle2 says:

      The really weird thing is I just gave up on WBZ news just last week. I didn’t get the feeling they were up to speed on the gravity of current events. I switched to channel 5 news. Putting Phantom gourmet on hiatus isn’t close to good enough. They should have cut that show immediately. What’s bizarre is the Andelmans are jewish. They should know better than anybody what hate can do to a society. Money is the driving force, just like Kraft donating to social causes and in the same breath, donating to Trumps inauguration committee.

    2. dagdogginnh says:

      Dave Andelman is not part of Phantom Gourmet anymore.

  6. Rob says:

    Honestly the show has been weak for a long time. More a paid advertisement than anything else. When it first started they went into restaurants undercover and gave realistic reviews. They were still restaurant friendly, they looked for the positive sides in things. And restaurants that had issues got fair chance to respond. But it was still a legitimate review, not a paid ad.

    I agree with his point that the violence and looting was bad. He expressed it poorly (had he had a few as the tweets went on?) but what the meaning was I agree with. It really did stink all of the honest business people of all sorts, not just restaurant proprietors, that have had their livelihoods destroyed by outside forces.

    I also think folks need to start separating the rioters and looters from the peaceful protesters. There is a group out there protesting a valid message in a peaceful legal manner, in the way our country was made to support, and they are getting their message entirely undermined by this separate group of people just out to steal and destroy.

  7. Jennifer Smith says:

    Declaring a hiatus on the show is an insufficient response to the Andelman brothers gross and racist remarks on social media. I am well aware that the recent string of comments were not the first. There is a long history of racist and misogynistic commentary and it is past time that you stop rewarding their bad behavior.

    It is time to cancel the show. It is time to end the Phantom Gourmet enterprise. It is time that we care about how our public figures behave and to show them that, no matter their corporate power, racism will not be tolerated.

    WBZ – will you tolerate racism?

    1. Who made you the racist police? Get off your soap box. If you don’t like the show don’t watch it. Stop trying to control everybody who disagrees with you. Look up the definition of fascist because that is what you are!

    2. Roy Leonard says:

      Are you really that weak? Words are really that frightening to you? I guess you are entitled to your lame opinion but so is HE.

  8. Fred Mason III says:

    about time, these self promoters and racists should have been gone along time ago

  9. Good. Overdue, but good. PG is an hour-long infomercial with 1998 production values. The Andelmans have *years* of sexist comments and racist jokes recorded on the radio, tv, and their blogs. And that doesn’t even begin to address the pay-for-play puff pieces on mediocre restaurants. I could deal with the latter of WBZ hadn’t chosen to overlook the former for years.

  10. Susan says:

    No big loss, I can find bad food on my own.

  11. Kristen A Berry says:

    He deserves to be fired. He also has talked derogatively about women over the years! UGH! Who needs this? There are plenty of other worthy people that could do a show like this! #priviledgedwhitemensclub #ugh

  12. Chris says:

    Cancel this horrible show!

  13. N Thomas says:

    He showed who he is and a weak apology without action is condoning the systemic look the other way when it comes to racism. Racism in any form is not ok and should not be tolerated. Accountability and courage is needed here. Let the “hiatus” be perrmanent.

  14. Joe says:

    The level of intolerance in these comments is astounding. For WBZ, whose very existence is protected by the right to a free press and the right to free speech, to take this action is extremely discouraging. WBZ, be very careful, for one day the mob will turn on you.

  15. tcg says:

    One big informercial thats made to look like a actual “review”. Pay to play show! Carry the Phantom Card, get on the air! Ego’s by the Bro’s too big anyway.

  16. Steve says:

    Come on ‘BZ. Do the right thing. Get rid of him.

  17. James Hoffman says:

    I guess Dave doesn’t have the same rights as WBZ in regards to the First Amendment. All your station and the rest of the news media have done in the last month is add fuel to the protest storm with your coverage. I guess that is the reason I have quit watching the news, I’m tired of the false news, the way you slew the reports. The last great and good was Walter Cronkite.

  18. chris says:

    Why Dave? Why? We all have our opinions, and honestly I did not hear yours so i don’t know if we share common ground. Was it THAT important to get you opinion out or address the situation?? You made the same mistake all these companies are, making statements and giving views nobody is asking for from you. FYI #BLM is wrong. silence is not always a bad thing, it would have saved you your job and a few companies my business.
    Hopefully the show or a replacement will go on.

  19. Terri Jill says:

    I support David Andelman 100%! His posts do not prove that he is racist. Are these people aware of the Anti Semtic origins of BLM? The real question is WBZ or the people upset about these post Jew haters since the Andelman boys are Jews?

  20. Rick Lavoie says:

    I’ve been a WBZ fan since Arch McDonald, Don Kent and Jack Chase …. have always admired your compassionate connection to the community….. if you continue to support the Andelman’s hate-filled diatribes, you cause us to doubt your sincerity and integrity .

  21. “Fascism: severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition”. As long as you know doing this is fascist, WBZ. Great job!

  22. Donna Williams says:

    Dave Andelman promotes small businesses which are at the heartbeat of New England. You can choose to support him or not, but many small restaurants that New Englanders love will go out of business. These are tax payers and voters who may or may not agree with Dave or you or me, but I think pulling this show and censorship is wrong. We need to stop being a cancel culture and love, not like, each other through our differences. Dave Andelman is a person, who promotes others people, in our community and is someone whose support is needed in a time like this.

  23. David Holule says:

    Forgiveness is something that I do believe. However, if there is a history, as mentioned here, the firing needs to happen. If there isn’t a history and the apology is sincere, I think the show needs to be reworked to include people of color hosting and visiting diverse restaurant establishments.

  24. WTB says:

    What the hell is wrong with you people at WBZ and all the rest of you radical liberals? Have you ever heard of the first amendment? You obviously have only heard of it when it suits your agenda. Dave Andelman’s statement was made as a joke, but obviously you can’t take a joke. Put Phantom back on!

  25. Caryn Alfano says:

    Please “Cancel” the show immediately. This is not a one time incident of ignorant, unacceptable speak from this family. It’s engrained in them and people like this have no place on your channel. Freedom of speech in one thing, Freedom of ignorance and intolerance is quite another story.

  26. Mary says:

    What happened to freedom of speech or does only protect certain people. I’ve heard worse.

  27. charlene says:

    Freedom of speech I guess doesn’t apply to anyone that disagrees with the BLM movement. Dave exercised his rights and is being persecuted for it. Thank you WBZ for showing your true colors. Stop the stories on racial demonstrations and Covid 19. We are saturated!

  28. Linda says:

    It should be cancelled and no one should patronize the Mendon Drive-In as well.

  29. Vincent Vega says:

    Apparently freedom of speech only applies if you parrot the garbage rhetoric surrounding the George Floyd fiasco. Yes the cop was is a murderer but there was a very fast rush to judgement and a movement against the police. What a joke we have become.

  30. John says:

    Dave Andelman did absolutely nothing wrong! He made a couple of jokes about the insanity we are living with these days. I thought they were pretty funny – people need to lighten up a little. Jeeze, have we become so thin skinned that nobody can make a simple joke anymore???
    Not everything is about racism – although the media would like to continue to shove it down our throats – WBZ included!!!! I am a Born Again Christian and I believe in the sanctity of ALL life as God created us to be. But I have had enough of this vilification of anyone who these groups aren’t happy with regarding there own opinions. We are a free country and have the right to express our own beliefs and convictions! If people can”t deal with this – try moving to China!!!
    The Lord Bless you and Keep you!

  31. paul boucher says:

    Please bring back Phanton gourmet provided invaluable information. Removing the program is a set back . This is America we are allowed to make mistake, we apologize and move on. I hope management will reconsider and bring back this invaluable service .
    Paul Boucher

  32. Alice Hattenbrun says:

    just not the same without Phantom !!!

  33. Ty Ott says:

    I have been a long time viewer of PG and this was disappointing. Dave made the mistake of forgetting that he is representing the network , sponsors and restaurants. It’s one thing to think like a racist, but another to express it when you are the face of the show and all connected with it. I hope that the show continues but without Dave.

  34. Jackie says:

    I have been a long time viewer of Phantom Gourmet. I agree that the comments posted by Dave Andelman were stupid and bigoted, however I also applaud his brothers’ company’s swift and definitive actions of not just stripping Dave of his job but also ownership share in the company. And it was well within WBZ’s right and an appropriate course of action to put the show on hiatus for now.

    However, I strongly urge WBZ to allow Phantom Gourmet to return to the air for multiple reasons:

    1) Some people may call Phantom Gourmet ‘low budget’ or ‘low brow’, however they do a great job of highlighting local small businesses. Personally I really appreciate that they focus on value for their fans and customers. I like learning about reasonably priced restaurants rather than the high-end restaurants that few of us can afford.

    2) I believe that PG is a great marketing asset for the restaurants that they have on the show. I have frequently, immediately brought up the web pages for restaurants even as they are being shown on the air – and have patronized many of them due to the show (generally with very positive experiences). PG provides publicity that most of these small, locally owned restaurants could never get otherwise. I have to believe that PG drives business to the places that they highlight.

    3) During this pandemic, PG’s last few live shows – prior to their ‘hiatus’ – highlighting the restaurants that were re-opening and urging people to support their local businesses was great community support. It was wonderful for them to urge people to patronize the restaurants and other businesses to help them recover and also I appreciated that they urged patrons to tip the staff well. We needed this kind of information to be disseminated.

    4) In this time of dire unemployment, we should not add the ranks of the PG production staff and other support staff to the unemployment lines. It is not their fault that Dave Andelman was a jerk, so don’t punish them for it.

    Hope that someone at WBZ reads these comments!!


    1. WTB says:

      I am in total agreement with Jackie. We have been watching the show for many years and have been shown many restaurants that we have patronized and continue to patronize. I feel that WBZ is completely off base. Apparently they have forgotten that we live in a country where free speech is a God given right (even if that free speech does not agree with your opinion.If free speech is taken away, we may as well be living in Venezuela, or China.

      As far as Jackie’s post, the livelihoods of many more people than the production staff are affected. The show has been very helpful to all of the people employed by restaurants in the state in general.

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