NEW YORK (CBS) – The Band-Aid brand is diversifying its color palette.

Parent company Johnson and Johnson says it will be rolling out new Band-Aids in various skin tones.

For years advocates have pushed for more diversity from the brand, which says the new product is intended to be a stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.  In an Instagram post making the announcement, the company also said it will be making a donation to Black Lives Matter.

Band-Aid says the new line will feature a range of tones from beige to dark brown. The company did not say when they will be in stores.

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  1. Danchi says:

    What do you mean new? I got a box several years ago….from the clearance section of my local grocery store. The color range is terrible and I just used them on my heels when I broke in new shoes or boots. This is not tangible change…it’s a freaking band aid. As a person of color I don’t care what color it is as long as it does the job of protecting open wounds. This is not about making a fashion statement. If Band Aid wants to contribute, contribute MONEY to causes that promote and work actively towards racial equality.

  2. Jackie says:

    First off no one asked to make things look like us! The point is being missed it’s equality!I will never buy another Band Aid, you are trying to capitalize on a problem.

  3. Cringe! says:

    Major Cringe! I don’t know if I cringed more watching Kendall Jenner fix police brutality using a can of Pepsi or J&J fixing systemic racism by launching colored band-aid. Real change needs more than colored products. If you want to stand behind the cause, maybe start with being open to hiring more people of color?

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