By Mike LaCrosse

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – Framingham High School students past and present are raising questions about whether or not resource officers are needed in the city’s schools.

“They were just here all of the sudden and it was like they are here to keep us safe, but how are they keeping us safe?” said senior Mira Donaldson.

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“You should be able to protect us from people outside of our school, not come inside and try to make these students seem bad or punish them,” said sophomore Gaina Jean Pierre.

The students are teaming up with parents from the group: “Framingham Families for Racial Equality in Education.” They’re calling for the removal of school resource officers and would like their funding spent elsewhere.

Mira Donaldson and Gaina Jean Pierre (WBZ-TV)

“Reallocate those resources for mental health support, for the students of color and really listen to the voices of our students,” said parent Meenakshi Agrawal.

“Now is the time to listen if you personally have not had a bad experience just listen to the people that are telling you a different story and try to figure out why that is,” said parent Katherine Wilson.

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A police spokesperson said the department is going to hold off releasing any comment on the calls from some parents to have officers removed from school buildings.

“I think there is a purpose they have served. One of the things I have seen is they have been an integral part of community outreach programs,” said Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer.

Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer says the city won’t be making any snap decisions when it comes to school resource officers. Spicer is willing thought to look at the program’s pros and cons.

“Just trying to make sure we are responding to situations and responding appropriately and if there is an opportunity to make some measure changes we will do that,” said Spicer.

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The mayor says she’d like to have a conversation with concerned parents and will bring to together school administrators for their perspective as well.