BOSTON (CBS) — Mohamed Sanu has found a pretty unique — and pretty awesome — way to train while being locked out from Gillette Stadium. The receiver has turned to a football launcher to help with his punt-catching abilities.

This is no ordinary football launcher though, as evidenced from the video showing off its power. The machine — named The Seeker — launches the ball over Sanu’s house, with the receiver waiting to catch the ball in his backyard.

It is quite the sight to see:

Those are some solid snags by Sanu, but the real star of the video is the photographer running through Sanu’s house to get the perfect shot of the action. That camera person showed off some real hustle getting that shot.

The Seeker, which is made by made by Dallas-based sports robotics company Monarc, also simulates your basic quarterback throws, so Sanu is getting plenty of offseason practice out of the contraption. It’s also nice to see that Sanu isn’t sporting any brace or wrapping on his ankle, which required offseason surgery after he hurt it shortly after the Patriots acquired him from the Atlanta Falcons last season.

NFL players are not allowed in team facilities at the moment and likely won’t be able to return until training camp. But it looks like Sanu, who had just 26 receptions on 47 targets for 207 yards and a touchdown in his eight games with the Patriots last season, will be ready to catch some passes from either Jarrett Stidham or Brian Hoyer when the time comes.