BOSTON (CBS) – The Massachusetts Department of Public Health reported 200 new confirmed coronavirus cases and 38 more deaths in the state on Tuesday. Health officials said the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the state is 99,955 and the confirmed death toll is 7,255.

There were also 63 new probable cases and 17 probable deaths reported Monday. While including the probable reports, there have now been 103,889 total coronavirus cases and 7,408 deaths in the state.

Probable cases are individuals who were not given a standard test but tested positive for the antibody and had COVID-19 symptoms or have not been given any type of test but had COVID-19 symptoms and were exposed to a known positive case. Probable cases also include individuals whose death certificate says coronavirus even though they were not tested.

There have been 658,058 people in Massachusetts tested for coronavirus, with 4,660 new tests reported in the last 24 hours. A total of 52,144 people have taken an antibody test.

As of Tuesday, there are 1,397 people currently hospitalized for a coronavirus-related illness, which is a decrease of 18 patients from Monday. There are 315 patients are currently in ICU.

There have been 19,316 cases in people under 30, 47,046 cases in people between 30-59, 13,517 cases in people between 60-69, and 23,719 cases in people over 70.

The average age of COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts is 52.

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  1. Vincent Vega says:

    How about the breakdown of deaths by ages? Hospitalizations by ages?

  2. Corey Glab says:

    Tuned in mid story on COVID 19 opening and I believe your reporter said that airplanes and not as well ventilated as ground based facilities, gyms etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cabin air in an Airbus 320 series aircraft Is replaced and/or filtered every 3 minutes and any recycled air is run through hospital grade HEPA filters. Aircraft cabin air is probably more filtered than any building in Boston. I have been an Airbus captain for 11 years. If you have questions, I suggest you contact Airbus or Delta or Jet Blue, the largest airbus operators in the Boston market.

  3. Leonard says:

    Why does the headline have a higher number, 263 cases, when the number of confirmed cases is only 200? I know, the “probable cases” which are bogus is included to inflate the number and Channel 4 helps these horrible woke people in the non-transparent, socialized, forced health insurance industry in Massachusetts to control the citizens. Better yet, Charlie Parker who had China send face masks and medial gear, all of a sudden doesn’t believe the WHO’s report that the asymptomatic do not spread this common cold. This concentration Camp of Massachusetts from Charlie and Maaahty was all a lie.

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