By Mike LaCrosse

MILTON (CBS)- New England Base Camp is gearing up to reopen under the state’s strict safety guidelines, which includes reduced capacity.

“We have 100 acres that will still only have a couple hundred kids in it so you’ll almost have one kid per acre almost,” said New England Base Camp Executive Director Chuck Eaton.

Initially, the camp will welcome back small groups that will include parents and then plans to offer more traditional camp drop off services by August.

Camp will look a lot different this summer. Daily cleaning will be taking place. The dining hall will remain closed and some programs are being eliminated to allow for social distancing.

“We have a big 30,000 square foot building with robots and swimming pools we’ll probably only have 10 or 15 kids in it at a time even when we’re open fully,” said Eaton.

The Warren family will be one of the first to return to the camp. “It was surprising, but crazy exciting. We’re going to get a chance to come back to a place we love,” said Dan Warren.

“It’s such an ideal space to come back and social distance. You want to be outside. There is so much space so it’s a good place to start,” said Amy Warren.

Some camps still aren’t sure if they’ll be able to open under the guidelines and that’s leaving many parents in limbo.

Mike LaCrosse


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