BOSTON (CBS) — Dozens came together in Boston to remember Ahmaud Arbery with a run Sunday. Arbery was shot and killed while jogging in Georgia.

“We have to run together, we’ve been marching for a long time. I’m tired of marching, we are going to run to the finish. I want answers now,” said organizer Amani Pettiford. “We’re going to stay together. We’re going to do this thing to show people that we can all come together because it’s not black and white, it’s really good and evil.”

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Arbery was killed on February 23, it took over two months for two white men to be charged with his death.

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Pettiford said Arbery was racially profiled while he was out for a run, something she said has happened to her. “I am him and he is me but that doesn’t mean that we are all alike. We should be judged fairly.”

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Runner Meg Cater said it was important to support the community through events like this. “We’re running to support everyone being able to run safely.”