BOSTON (CBS) — The voice of protest was heard on the UMass Boston campus Saturday at a demonstration and march. Organizers billed it as an event seeking justice for black lives. Dozens of people gathered by the Campus Center near the harbor chanting and holding signs.

“Like many of you, I am sick and tired of this global conscience epidemic of black bodies being brutalized economically, socially, physically, and black murders being normalized,” organizer Celine Voyard said to the crowd.

Student demonstrators, most of whom were wearing black, say there is too much of a police presence at UMass Boston. Another protester said recent events in the country have her very nervous about her son.

“It’s scary every day. I call him every day. I’m worried for him, especially driving. I feel like there should be a witness when a police officer is pulling over a black man because his life is in danger,” Izabel Depina said.

After the rally, the group marched through campus and into a nearby neighborhood. At a final stop, they observed a moment of silence in memory of George Floyd and others who have been lost.

U.S. Senator Ed Markey came to the event and joined the crowd in taking a knee.

“It’s not just the buildings of America that are on fire. The soul of our country is on fire. And that’s what we’re hearing here tonight,” he said. “What they’re saying is there’s structural racism built into our criminal justice system, our educational system, our health care system and our economic system, and they want changes.”




Jim Smith

  1. I wonder if these people realize the background of the person they have turned into a martyr. Do they really know who George Floyd was? George Floyd is being Beautified for one reason. Mr. Floyd’s death was the result of police misconduct. Caught on video at the perfect time, a spark fanned into an inferno.
    The court of public opinion has already weighed in forcing the state to raise the bar on the charges of the 4 officers. Remember we are talking about George Floyd. A man who has served 5 years in prison robbery assault with a gun. A man who has numerous drug arrests. We saw the Reverend Al Sharpton eulogize him as a “family” man. His daughter 6 and Son. Well coached by the legal team adding to Mr. Floyds saintliness. Did they forget why he had the encounter with the police? Did they forget the counterfeit 20.00 Dollar bill?
    Mr. Floyds death is tragic. Not because Rev. AL told us so. Because it is tragic. We had an overweight 6”6’ man with coronary artery disease, the drugs Methamphetamine and Fentanyl in his tox-screen. Resist arrest for counterfeiting. Now promoted to poster boy for police treatment of people of color.
    The person more appropriate would be Armand Arbery. But there were no police involved. I guess what happened to you was not the “right” type of tragedy.
    I have wondered. Could the problem not be with the police. In every incident, why is it the person of color is resisting or not compliant to police requests? I was thinking could this be the fault of the parents of children of color telling them, teaching them to not trust police?

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