GREENFIELD (CBS) — A Massachusetts State Trooper shot a man Friday morning after police said he drove a stolen pickup truck at him in western Massachusetts.

State Police were told by authorities in Vermont to be on the lookout for a man driving a Ford F-150 that was reportedly carjacked and had crossed the border into Massachusetts. A trooper saw the truck on Route 2 east heading toward Shelburne Falls and began to follow it.

Another trooper started to set up spike sticks in the road near the Buckland-Shelburne line to flatten the truck’s tires when it arrived.

But, State Police said the pickup driver, later identified as 33-year-old Daniel Williams of South Burlington, Vermont, drove at the trooper as he stood in the road.

“The Trooper discharged his service weapon and struck the operator. The pickup truck struck the cruiser and continued to travel east on Route 2,” State Police said in a statement.

The pickup truck drove several miles on deflated tires and finally stopped in Greenfield, where police took Williams into custody. He was rushed to Baystate Medical Center for what police said was “emergency treatment.”

The trooper’s name has not been released and no other information is available at this point in the investigation.

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  1. CHAPMAC says:

    they didn’t releasethetrooper’s name, address, sociasecurity number?1hoearethetioterssupposedtogomenacehisfamilyifthydon’thavethenecessaru information atto which houseteyshould hp menace!Really, you’sthink our spineless wondersactuallycareabout protecting the real Peoplefromtheriotersand looters. Pitythe troperdidn’t gt him rightbeteentheeyes, though-ut wuldsaveustwo trialsand lotof howlingnonsenceabouta peaceful protestorwhowas onlytryingto exercisehis 1st Amendment Rightsby stalling truckandthen tryingto murderaSate Troperwthit!?Gethim medalandsomemoretimeatthrrange!

  2. john kelly says:

    troopers lives matter

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