BOSTON (CBS) — The Boston Bruins will be back on the ice soon. The NHL announced plans to begin Phase 2 of its Return To Play Plan on Monday, June 8, giving the Bruins and other teams the green light to open their practice facilities.

“Beginning June 8 – subject to each Club’s satisfaction of all of the requirements set out in the Phase 2 Protocol – Clubs will be permitted to reopen their training facilities in their home city to allow players to participate in individualized training activities (off-ice and on-ice),” the league announced Thursday night. “Players will be participating on a voluntary basis and will be scheduled to small groups (i.e., a maximum of six Players at any one time, plus a limited number of Club staff). The various measures set out in the Phase 2 Protocol are intended to provide players with a safe and controlled environment in which to resume their conditioning. Phase 2 is not a substitute for training camp.

“All necessary preparations for Phase 2, including those that require Player participation (education, diagnostic testing, scheduling for medicals, etc.), can begin immediately,” the NHL added. “The NHL and the NHLPA continue to negotiate over an agreement on the resumption of play.”

There is no word when training camps will get underway, which is part of the NHL’s Phase 3. The NHL announced its full Return To Play Plan last week.