WORCESTER (CBS) – A crowd clashed with police in Worcester late Monday night, hours after the police chief kneeled with demonstrators at a peaceful protest. Nineteen people were arrested including an 18-year-old who allegedly had several Molotov cocktails.

The crowd marched through the streets to speak out against the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and some stopped to kneel or lay in the road.

Protesters near a Worcester Police cruiser late Monday night. (WBZ-TV)

Police in riot gear were lined up nearby. At one point projectiles were thrown at officers and fireworks were set off in a crowd. There was also a report of looting in Webster Square.

Worcester Police said one officer was struck in the head with a piece of concrete and others were hit by rocks.

“An officer was struck in the chest by fireworks, which burned his uniform and skin,” Worcester Police said. “The neighborhood was filled with smoke from fires intentionally set by members of the crowd. A police cruiser caught on fire after being hit with a Roman candle, and others were damaged by various items thrown.”

About 90 minutes after the disturbance started, police used smoke grenades and pepperball rounds to disperse the crowd and make arrests.

During the incident, police said 18-year-old Vincent Eovarious was found on the roof the Pennywise Market with several Molotov cocktails. He eventually surrendered to police and was arrested.

It happened just hours after hundreds of people gathered on the city common for a peaceful protest.

Worcester Police Chief Steven Sargent kneel in solidarity with protesters, June 1, 2020. (Photo credit: Worcester Police – Facebook)

Worcester Police Chief Steven Sargent joined those demonstrators, kneeling in solidarity.

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  1. Vincent Vega says:

    Nice move chief, being nice to the crocodiles hoping they eat you last is a failed strategy.

  2. Remember when says:

    Curfew has to be earlier, 6:00 or so, so the hoodlums won’t hide in the darkness. Its to late when the sun sets.

  3. Seeking change says:

    This move by Chief Sargent was disingenuous. A copycat tactic of those chiefs that truly care about their community. He runs and supports an agency that uses intimidation, theft and violence targeting POC. Look at the stats. The chief complaint in the protests are their pleas for proper treatment being ignored. WPD internal affairs division does not investigate and is filled with incompetence. The complaints against officers are delayed or pressure is put on the complainants to withdraw their complaints. How many complaints against officers are supported? None. How much of the Hector Pineiro letter was investigated? Nonesupported though there was compelling videos and photos that showed officers lied and even staged crime scenes. You want change Chief sergeant? Then step down.

  4. Roger M. says:

    Shame on the Chief for supporting this anti-police insanity.

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