BOSTON (CBS) — If you’ve ever heard Bill Burr speak for even 10 seconds — in a stand-up special, on a podcast, or in TV shows or movies — then you know that he is as Boston as it gets. Though he’s currently a California resident, he’s never shed his distinct Boston accent, nor has he lost his love of Boston sports teams.

And even though Tom Brady has moved on to Tampa Bay, the famous comedian says that he’s going to remain loyal to TB12.

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“Oh, absolutely. Abso-[bleeping]-lutely,” Burr said on “Pardon My Take” when asked if he’ll be a fan of Brady’s Buccaneers in 2020. “Everything short of buying a jersey, just because I’m too old to buy a jersey. Abso-[bleeping]-lutely.”

Burr said he remains a Patriots fan first, but his appreciation for what Brady did for the Patriots is preventing him from rooting against Brady in any way down in Tampa.

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“Listen, I’m not going to lie to you. It hurts like hell that he’s gone, you know, but that happens in sports,” Burr said. “I cannot … he put us on the [bleeping] map, dude. We were a joke. We played in a high school [bleeping] football stadium. We were a joke. So I would never be upset and I would never root against that guy — unless the Patriots were playing the Buccaneers. I’m a Patriots fan first. But good for him. He delayed money so many times, making sure that we had a good team, and he took us to nine Super Bowls, winning six. What, I’m going to [bleeping] cry about that? Can’t do it.”

If the Patriots aren’t involve in Super Bowl LV (which will, coincidentally, be played in Tampa), then Burr is hoping to see Brady add another feather to his GOAT cap by winning championship No. 7.

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“Obviously, I root for the Patriots first, but here’s my thing: I want to see Tom Brady take the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl and play Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. [The Chiefs] are trying to go back-to-back, and Tom Brady’s trying to do what Joe Montana didn’t quite do — he made the Chiefs a playoff team, his second team but he didn’t win the whole thing,” Burr said. “[If Brady wins], then he wins seven, he’s got one more than Jordan. I dunno. I think that would be unbelievable.”