BOSTON (CBS) — Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins delivered an emotional statement Monday about the “burning rage” fueling the protests in Boston and around the country following the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. Rollins said she is “exhausted” by instances of police officers killing black Americans “as if we were animals.”

“This burning rage that you are seeing when you turn your TV on or you hear in my voice is real. People are fed up, and to the white community that is now waking up to see this rage, we have been telling you this forever,” Rollins said. “We have been saying this since Colin Kaepernick took a knee. We have been saying this for decades, and you didn’t listen to us. You didn’t care, until you saw a video.”

People looted stores, set fires and destroyed police vehicles from Downtown Crossing to Newbury and Boylston streets after Sunday’s peaceful protests. There were also reports of shots being fired toward police officers. Rollins said those people “disgraced George Floyd’s memory” and said they will be prosecuted.

Photos: Boston Protests Over George Floyd Death Turn Into Riots

“I will also say that buildings can be fixed. And I am happy that those officers, I hope will make it out of it as well the civilians,” she said. “There are lives that were stolen, and people that were lynched and murdered, and they are never coming back. I hope that you take a minute to reflect what a terrible, terrible situation we are experiencing right now.”

Protesters confront police during clashes after a demonstration over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died in Minneapolis Police custody, in Boston on May 31, 2020. (Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images)

Leaders across America have been calling for calm amid the sometimes violent protests. Rollins said protesters “are disgusted and outraged – and they should be.”

“It is completely ironic to have to say to you, ‘please don’t be violent. Please keep your voice down. Please be silent and comply with all of the police’s requirements, when in fact it’s those very people that murder us with impunity,'” Rollins said. “But that’s where we are right now.”


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  1. Vincent Vega says:

    Sorry Rachael, not buying it. Once the violence and looting starts the protest became meaningless.

  2. Nancy Laughlin says:

    How dare you say the entire white community wasn’t listening? There is a label for statements like this. Unacceptable and divisive. Check yourself, please.

  3. Remember when says:

    Because an innocent man was killed, I am going to inflict these acts of injustice on other innocent people in the name of justice. Some of these very people are those who took pride in their communities and served the very population often neglected. Not just Boston, but all these cities. Injustice does not bring about justice; Let God judge.

  4. kas says:

    But ms Rollins, you will not prosecute now will ya ?

    You got elected on the following statement :

    As District Attorney, I will not prosecute the following offenses :

    Drug Dealing, Trespassing, Shoplifting, Larceny under $250, Disorderly Conduct, Disturbing the Peace, Receiving stolen property, Minor driving offenses, Breaking & Entering, Destruction of Property, Threats, Minors in Possesion of Alcohol, Drug Possession and Resisting Arrest

  5. Thank you Rachel for grouping all white people as if we all think one thing because of the color of our skin. Sounds a bit racist to me.

  6. Jared Israel says:

    A few facts: statistically, black cops are more likely than white cops to kill black people; white cops are more likely than black cops to kill white people.

    Adjusted for relevant variables, whites are just as likely to be killed by cops as blacks.

    The MAIN source of death by violence among blacks is non-police blacks . Nationwide, ten times as many black people die at the hands of non-civilian blacks, than at the hands of all cops.

    And as for these building-burners and looters, they are not driven by justified anguish, they are driven by a desire to destroy and steal. People like Rachel Rollins, whose position is enhanced by white guilt, are using the maniacs who are destroying cities to prove that society can only be saved if the power of upper middle class blacks like Rollins is increased.

    A dirty game.

    1. Jared Israel says:

      Error: In the comment above, I meant to write ” Nationwide, ten times as many black people die at the hands of non-POLICE blacks, than at the hands of all cops. “

  7. Stick Man says:

    Well we know now that there are some racists in elected positions in Boston. I don’t believe your act anyway Rachel. Your nutjob behavior is more likely to get you on an FBI list than a future position at the White House. Keep the dream alive though. Phony politician’s fragility is indeed real, Rachel.

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