BOSTON (CBS) — If you’re in need of a smile, Gordon Hayward has you covered.

Like most pro teams around the country, the Charlestown High School boys basketball team is keeping in touch through Zoom meetings. Earlier this week, they had a special guest crash one of those meetings.

As the team was breaking down the many things they like about the Boston Celtics, including Hayward’s game, the Celtics forward joined in on the call. Watching the kids react once they realize Hayward had crashed their chat is sure to bring a smile to your face. (It happens around the 1:28 mark of in the video above).

The Charlestown Boys Basketball team reacts when they see Gordon Hayward has crashed their Zoom meeting. (Screen grab from Youtube/House of Highlights)

Hayward was all smiles too, happy to answer any questions the kids had for him. He touched on his recovery from that gruesome ankle injury in 2017 to his first taste of the NBA.

He also had a powerful message for the players.

“How many of you guys have dreams and goals? I think you should all make your dreams the highest they can be,” he said. “Play in the NBA — don’t sell yourself short. You can do anything you want to do; you have to first and foremost dream about it. I think it’s important to write them because it allows you to see it every day. And when you cross it off, you get some pride and it makes you feel good.”

He also urged the kids to take advantage of their downtime during the coronavirus shutdown to make themselves better, whether it’s extra push-ups or watching YouTube videos to help improve their skills on the court. He also had plenty of Celtics merchandise that he’s sending out to each of the kids, and promised to check in with the team throughout the year. The team’s reaction after Hayward left the call (around the 6:30 mark) was also pretty priceless.

Hopefully Hayward and the Celtics are back on the court sometime soon, but it’s nice to see the NBA star using his free time for something great.


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