BOSTON (CBS) – A family was terrified to find their car being towed away with their young kids still inside. Lakshmana Swamy says it happened when his wife went to pick up dinner at the Grasshopper Café in Allston.

She ran inside to get their order, but when she returned, she saw the car being towed down the street with her six-year-old and five-year-old kids inside.

“You can imagine that she was shocked, and chased it down and screamed ‘my kids are inside,’” Swamy told WBZ. “Can you imagine watching your kids being driven away? She opens the door and the kids are just a mess.”

Swamy admits they were parked in a tow zone, but didn’t want to bring the kids inside the restaurant because they didn’t have masks.

  1. Remember when says:

    1. Don’t park in a Tow Zone, in or near Boston, the vultures will have your car before it cools.
    2. Don’t leave you kids in the car. At that age, it may be against the law, or at least a stupid idea. Just as easy as the car was taken, so could your kids have disappeared.
    3. Next time get delivery!

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