By Lisa Gresci

TEWKSBURY (CBS) – A group of women in Tewksbury are spreading a little magic during the coronavirus pandemic as unicorns delivering surprises, smiles and wine.

The five women call themselves “The Unicorns of MA” on Instagram.

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“We are being safe, we are wearing the mask! This is a mask trust me, it’s like three inches thick,” one of the unicorns, Ashley Lirakis of Tewksbury, told WBZ-TV.

Each of them are members of a private “wine fairies” Facebook group in Billerica, Tewksbury, and Wilmington.

“You drop off a bottle of wine to their house and the person who receives the wine does the same thing back in the group and it just keeps going,” said Trisha Medeiros of Tewksbury.

From there, the mythical creatures were born.

“One day we just decided let’s be funny, put on the unicorn mask and just go wine people,” she added.

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Soon, it turned into much more.

“We’ve been going off private messages, ‘Hey, it’s my kids birthday,’ and you know we will make an itinerary for the day,” Lirakis said.

Birthdays, graduations and Memorial Day celebrations, all dressed up with a little glitter. They even formed a parade line of their own along the way.

“Even though we had addresses of the specific people to visit, along the way we are blasting music, we are in the bed of a truck, we have big unicorn heads on and kids are outside, it’s a beautiful day with their parents and everyone is getting a kick out of it,” said another of the unicorns, Ashley Cabral of Tewksbury.

Five unicorns, five quick minutes or so, making all the difference while maintaining a distance.

“It’s really awesome to see how much fun these kids can have still being separated. We are still separated by six feet apart and we are just dancing,” Lirakis said.

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You can reach the unicorns by sending them a message on their Unicorns of MA Instagram page.

Lisa Gresci