BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said it is “critically important” the state does everything it can to make sure students don’t lose more classroom time due to coronavirus when school returns in the fall.

Students have been learning remotely since March and will continue to do so through the end of the academic year. The state has not yet said how classes will resume in the fall.

“I feel terrible and I know almost everybody does about how much school our kids lost as a result of this pandemic and I think we all believe that it’s critically important we do all we can to make sure they don’t lose another half year or god forbid longer than that,” said Baker. “There are a lot of kids for whom school is a really important part of their life for reasons that go way beyond academics. I think we really need to work hard to make sure we come up with a workable plan.”

The governor added that he is confident Massachusetts can find ways to educate students while keeping them, and staff members, safe.

“There are schools all over the world that are open,” said Baker. “While I certainly think a lot of those school systems and school district and countries have done some pretty clever and imaginative things, I certainly believe we have the ability here to do imaginative and creative things that are safe for kids and faculty and administrators as well.”


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