BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady is not used to being bad at things — at least not for very long. Yet his first six holes during Sunday’s charity golf match? It was an ugly scene, the likes of which Brady hasn’t dealt with on a national stage in a very long time. (The man did throw for over 500 yards when losing the Super Bowl, you know?)

To be fair, Brady did turn his day around, holing out from the fairway on the seventh hole and draining an eagle putt after his partner, Phil Mickelson, drove the green on the 11th hole, a reachable par 4. Nevertheless, the poor play early on — plus an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction — led to Brady being the butt of many jokes since “The Match” aired on Sunday.

Based on a tweet sent Tuesday, Brady appears to be taking it in stride. Brady replied to a Tiger Woods tweet, sarcastically saying how much fun he had getting embarrassed on the golf course with two of the greatest golfers of all time as well as his own personal rival.

“A great event and a great cause…winners all around!” Brady wrote. “It was so fun having millions watch me shank shots, ask for lost ball rulings, and rip my pants wide open! Can’t wait to do it again.”

Chances do seem low that the 44-year-old Woods or the 49-year-old Mickelson or even the 44-year-old Peyton Manning would be willing to step on the gridiron any time soon … so Brady at least has that ability as a unique bragging right.


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