HAMPTON, N.H. (CBS) – Police in the beach town of Hampton, New Hampshire said they received “a number of complaints” over Memorial Day weekend about hotels violating the state’s coronavirus orders.

Hampton Police said the complaints came from people who said hotels were renting rooms to non-essential workers.

In April, Gov. Chris Sununu ordered hotels and short-term rentals to stop renting rooms to everyone except essential workers.

“These complaints have been investigated and are being referred to the Attorney General’s Office,” police said.

Hotels who spoke with WBZ-TV said they understand the rules and it has been a tough start to the season.

“It’s very expensive to actually operate this way,” said Tom McGuirk of McGuirk’s Ocean View Hotel and Restaurant. “But we have to operate so, unfortunately, we’re not going to be making a ton a money if any money, but it’s always good to keep our employees.”

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  1. Vincent Vega says:

    Police, complaints, Hampton Beach? Who is surprised, Hampton beach is the anus of the state

  2. Frank DeLorey says:

    So much for Live Free or Die……..For a Republican run state they are acting a lot like typical East Coast Democrats.

    1. yjordan70 says:

      Governor Sununu’s overreach for next to no cases in this state definitely makes him a RINO. There is zero need for any of this….it’s a liberal game.

      1. Alicia says:

        You’re a very quick and easy drive from the top 5 worst states in the entire country. You literally touch one and are commenting on their news site. So if you want to KEEP that low amount of cases and open up sooner rather than later when you get a massive spike from sick out-of-towners spreading virus all over your state, keeping the hotels closed to random unnecessary guests from the worst states in the country is a smart move.

        With Love,
        Someone from one of those awful states

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