By Bill Shields

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (CBS) – In June of 2000, a young couple was carjacked in Providence and driven to a golf course in Johnston, Rhode Island. There, 20-year-old Jason Burgeson and Amy Shute were blindfolded and told to turn over their cash. Between them, they had $18. Moments later, they were shot and killed by Greg Floyd .

Jason Burgeson (Courtesy photo)

“Floyd gave absolutely no compassion to Jason and Amy that night in June,” said Jason’s sister, Kellie Burgeson-Surdis. Floyd is serving a federal life sentence, and is being held in North Carolina, but he has petitioned for compassionate release, possibly because of COVID-19.

“He admitted in his own testimony, ‘I felt nothing when I pulled the trigger. They were begging for their lives, and I felt nothing,’” Burgeson-Surdis said.

Amyt Schute (Courtesy photo)

Floyd and four other men were convicted of the crime, and Floyd admitted to being the trigger man.

But Kellie Burgeson-Surdis’ family received a letter from the prison warden just last Friday, stating that if the family had objections to Floyd’s release, they had to notify the warden, in writing , by Tuesday. They FedExed a letter Saturday. “I just don’t think there should be any compassion when it comes to his release,” says Kellie.

Even if her letter gets to the warden by Tuesday, it’s unclear what impact it may have.

Bill Shields

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  1. Remember when says:

    The world is upside down.

  2. Mari says:

    No. These young people were shown no compassion. Do not release him!

  3. stephen says:

    he shoul rot in prison

  4. Vincent Vega says:

    Anyone who does not think Greg Floyd should be kept alive is a barbarian and anyone who thinks he should ever be released is a fool.

  5. Adnil Acnodnem says:

    Prison is not a day camp, or college dorm.. You don’t just get to leave because you might get sick. Here is what should happen.. They should all be released and placed in Nursing Homes… there they will get 3 meals a day maybe …linen change once a exercise equipment without paying for it,. dirty clothing…stolen personal items, a bath or shower once a week, no computers, no phones, no TV without paying for it , a library that consists of hand me down old books, and magazines, and of course the worst Dr’s care in the world..and no one will care!.. That is what they deserve for murdering people…

  6. Bernie R says:

    Shoot him twice in the Head and get it over with.

  7. James Coats says:

    This is normal behavior for Africans. He simply cannot help himself. So yes let him go in a liberal neighborhood…

  8. Carol Cole says:

    No way should this happen. NO NO NO NO compassion

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