CONCORD, N.H. (CBS) — Starting June 1, New Hampshire beaches and gyms will reopen with significant restrictions. The reopening is part of Gov. Chris Sununu’s “Stay at Home 2.0” plan for the state.

Beginning next month, beaches will open for running, walking, swimming and surfing. Lounging and sports are still prohibited, and state parking lots will only allow 50% capacity.

“We will also be closing down Ocean Boulevard, known as Route 1A, between June 1 and Labor Day — so for the bulk of the summer — in an effort to increase social distancing practices,” Gov. Sununu said during a press conference Friday.

Similarly, gyms can open for small group fitness classes. The classes must allow for social distancing, with participants being 8 to 10 feet apart, according to the state’s guidelines.

General use of gym equipment is still not allowed unless it is for a one-on-one training class. Gyms will only be allowed to fill to 50% capacity, and no competitions are permitted.

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  1. joemama6969 says:

    “General use of gym equipment is still not allowed,” is wrong. Just read the entire article on Nowhere did it say that general use of gym equipment isn’t allowed.

  2. Sam Levin says:

    Unbelievable. I am DEFINITELY not voting for Chris Sununu again.

  3. Donna Beeler says:

    This is so ridiculous….If the people want to go it should be up to them….this is so ridiculous. President Trump wants the gyms in phase one. A lot of people need the gym for mental health

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