By Katie Brace

BOURNE (CBS) – The start of the summer dinner rush was cooking at the Lobster Trap in Bourne.

Instead of a line for seating, now it’s a quick pick-up-and-go.

“It was hard to make a decision whether we really wanted to leave or not, but, you know, ultimately, it is Memorial Day weekend, so we wanted to get out and just be as safe as we can,” said Jon Souza, who visiting Cape Cod.

Instead of a line for seating, now it’s a quick pick-up-and-go at the Lobster Trap in Bourne. (WBZ-TV)

People did head to the Cape and Islands for the weekend. There were cars on the Sagamore Bridge, but traffic was moving and not at a standstill for miles and miles. The Bourne Bridge was practically empty.

“I’ve never been able to just drive over the Bourne Bridge without traffic or get in here, let alone, so it’s crazy,” said Connor Bailey, who is visiting Martha’s Vineyard.

Usually Woods Hole, Falmouth, is packed with visitors waiting in line for dinner, and so many people are walking around, drivers have a hard time getting through.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Scott Epstein, who is visiting Martha’s Vineyard.

Epstein walked around Falmouth before boarding the ferry for his home on Martha’s Vineyard.

“This is a sci-fi movie,” said Epstein. “I thought driving to work on any given morning like it was a Sunday morning was a little funny. This is not funny.”

Woods Hole in Falmouth is seeing empty streets during Memorial Day weekend as many people stay home. (WBZ-TV)

Colleen Parish at Woods Hole Market and Provisions prepared to close early for this time of year.

“We have two beautiful decks on the water, and we’re really looking forward to the governor opening that up,” said Parish.

With no waterfront dining, a neighboring restaurant didn’t bother even opening, but Parish remains hopeful.

“We’re hoping for a good weekend and, you know, giving it our best,” said Parish.

This year, there are fewer weekend visitors like Connor Bailey.

“I have been coming every year since I was born, and this is not stopping me,” said Bailey.

After all, when can you start the summer season on the cape with no traffic?


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