BOSTON (CBS) – Congressman Joe Kennedy spoke with WBZ-TV’s Liam Martin about his campaign for U.S. senator.

Kennedy spoke about the $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill recently passed in the House, which is not expected to pass in the Senate.

“This is an important first step in the next process,” Kennedy said, adding that the bill needs additional support, including making sure every person has access to health care when they need it and child care.

“You have a pretty cool piece of legislation that says here’s a framework to start with and our best offer. Now, Senator McConnell, give us your feedback.”

Kennedy said although states are reopening, the stimulus is still necessary to provide economic relief from 10 weeks of economic shutdown.

“Recognize that out of our state budget health care is 40% and education is 20%. We’re facing a 25% shortfall. You don’t want to touch health care in the midst of a pandemic or take it out on the next generation of kids. You have to cut 25% out of the remaining 40% of the budget. Almost everything else has to get zeroed out, and it is not just Massachusetts. Almost every state in the country is facing this. Forty million people have lost their jobs,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said the bill also includes a compensation fund for essential workers who get coronavirus and death benefits for families of workers who die from the virus.

Kennedy also spoke about his Senate race against  Sen. Ed Markey. Watch the full interview in the video above. Sen. Ed Markey spoke with Liam Martin in an interview earlier this month.


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