BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady is gone, and he won’t be finishing his career with the Patriots. Yet the things he did while sporting a Pat Patriot logo on the sides of his head will live on forever.

That includes, of course, the famous comeback from a 28-3 deficit in Super Bowl LI against the Falcons. And that’s an event that still evokes some rather positive memories for Brady.

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The quarterback showed that on Monday evening while responding to the latest meme of the day craze. This particular meme involves people on Twitter sharing what their goals were prior to the year 2020 swooping in and extinguishing those dreams in crushing fashion. There’s a picture of the plans, followed by the picture of the shattered dreams.

Funny? Debatable. But people on Twitter have literally nothing else to do, as they’ve already “picked three,” and they’ve already discussed the first person they think of when they see a certain logo. The world is running out of memes.

ESPN decided to get in on the fun by … bringing up the most painful moment in Atlanta Falcons history.


Brady, who doesn’t tweet all that often, didn’t have to weigh in. But he nevertheless did, sharing a GIF from “The Last Dance” of Michael Jordan heartily chuckling at a tablet.

And why not? Brady was 43-for-62 for 466 yards that night, authoring one of the most incredible chapters of NFL history. He also threw this one pass in particular, which is always worth chuckling about:

(GIF from

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This one was good, too:

(GIF from

Don’t forget this one:

(GIF from

He also took off running at one point:

(GIF from


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He may no longer be with the Patriots, but he’ll always have that reaction in common with every football fan in New England.