WORCESTER (CBS) – Two more Massachusetts field hospitals set up for a surge in coronavirus patients in Worcester and Lowell will close this week.

A Department of Public Health spokesperson said the DCU Center field medical station in Worcester is shutting down because “hospitals in the area are able to manage the care of both COVID-19 patients and others needing care.”

The hospital opened six weeks ago and treated more than 150 patients with coronavirus.

The field hospital inside the DCU Center. (WBZ-TV)

The state will keep the field hospital physical structure in place just in case there is a second surge.

The field hospital at UMass Lowell’s campus recreation center will also close in the coming days, according to Lowell General Hospital.

Earlier this month, the field hospital on Cape Cod closed without seeing any coronavirus patients.

There are still two other field hospitals in Massachusetts, one at the convention center in Boston and the other at UMass Dartmouth.

  1. Vincent Vega says:

    The cape cod temporary unit didn’t have any customers which is a good thing. The trouble is this cost millions and out wonderful boobs in the state house will be more than happy to raise taxes.

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