BOSTON (CBS) — “The Last Dance” captured the attention of all sports fans over a five-week period by encapsulating one of the most interesting and dynamic runs of any team in pro sports history in a detailed and fascinating way. The success of that documentary got many more fans eager to one day see a similar documentary on the New England Patriots of the 2000s.

While that documentary isn’t quite ready to air (give it another 20 years or so), fans will be able to get some of that unique access in a new book that’s set to be released in September.

Simon & Schuster announced that “The Dynasty,” written by Jeff Benedict, will detail the 20-year run of dominance from the Patriots. Benedict gained “exclusive access to the Patriots starting in 2018 and reported from within the organization for nearly two years.”

“To write The Dynasty, Benedict conducted exhaustive interviews with team executives, coaches, players, players’ wives, team doctors and lawyers, league officials, network television executives, sports agents, politicians, and entertainers,” the release stated. “These include Robert Kraft, Jonathan Kraft, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Drew Bledsoe, Paul Tagliabue, Randy Moss, Mel Karmazin, Willie McGinest, Roger Goodell, Tedy Bruschi, Jon Bon Jovi, Rob Gronkowski, Sean McManus, Vince Wilfork, Rupert Murdoch, Deion Branch, Leigh Steinberg, Kevin Faulk, and many more. Benedict also had access to hundreds of hours of video and audio recordings, as well as thousands of pages of legal documents, transcripts, business records, emails, text messages, and minutes from phone calls and meetings.”

Cover of The Dynasty, by Jeff Benedict (Photo from Simon & Schuster)

Benedict co-wrote “Tiger Woods” in 2018 and has written 15 books during his career. He’s also written special features for Sports Illustrated.

“I’m fascinated by individuals and organizations that become the best in the world at something,” Benedict said. “The Patriots are the greatest sports dynasty of the 21st century. So I set out to answer two basic questions: How was this dynasty built? And why was it able to last so much longer than its predecessors? The secrets to the success were hidden in rooms — the owner’s office, the coach’s office, the locker room, the bedroom, the family room, the emergency room — where the decision-makers wrestled with complex questions, negotiated high-stakes deals, engaged in heated arguments, made middle-of-the night phone calls, held heart-to-heart conversations, and came face to face with the human toll of a fiercely competitive business. And I found that the dynasty’s durability ultimately resided in the unusual relationship between the owner, the coach, and the quarterback.”


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