BOSTON (CBS) — Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley is pushing back against Gov. Charlie Baker’s plan to reopen the state. The Congresswoman tweeted Tuesday that “MA isn’t ready to ‘reopen.'”

She said there are more questions than answers when it comes to childcare, access to personal protective equipment and concerns that it’s just not safe to gather.

“Policy decisions that offer a false choice between public health & economic recovery will hurt our communities,” Pressley tweeted. “I urge @MassGovernor to reevaluate his timeline and invest in the supports needed to keep our families safe.”

A poll released earlier this month showed 84% approval for the governor’s handling of the coronavirus crisis. But Baker has received criticism from both the left and right after announcing Monday that some businesses like hair salons, barbershops, construction, manufacturing and places of worship can reopen in “Phase I” of his plan.

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Massachusetts Republican Party chairman Jim Lyons tweeted Monday that “Governor Baker & Lg Polito just put in place the most restrictive business requirements in history. These regulations potentially will crush our economy.”

Meanwhile in Somerville, Mayor Joe Curtatone said he will not follow the state’s timeline and instead take a “wait-and-see” approach to reopening.

“What works right now for the Berkshires is not necessarily right for metro Boston,” he said.

Baker said at his announcement Monday that he expected to hear some people say he was moving too fast and for others to say the reopening isn’t happening fast enough.

“The reopening advisory board, which had very smart people on it and met with a zillion different organizations of one kind or another as they went through their process, basically laid out what they felt was a careful and an a cautious approach to this,” Baker said. 


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  1. Philip Wright says:

    Ayanna Pressley is the last person I would ever listen to. I trust Baker and Walsh. She should stay out of making statements on issues which are far beyond her capability to understand.

  2. Darn says:

    “I have been on the phone with families worried about childcare, faith leaders concerned it is not safe to gather, and small businesses worried about their workers’ health & access to PPE.” No business is being forced to reopen, nobody is being forced to go to religious services. They CAN if they want and are able to.

    1. Vincent Vega says:

      Don’t try to apply logic to what Pressley has to say. The stupid is strong with this one.

  3. Vincent Vega says:

    Pressley is an incompetent moron. I am sure she has some bizarre motivation for this statement beyond her own stupidity.

  4. Pressley one of many democrats that want to ruin the economy, to make Pres. Trump look bad in November. They don’t care about working people, Party first .before anything just like the Communist.

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