BOSTON (CBS) — Boston Mayor Marty is urging caution as the reopening process gets underway in the city. “Our goal is not to return to what existed before, but build a more equable and more resilient city for the future,” he said Tuesday.

Cranes are operating again in the Seaport District as some construction projects resume.

“In every case, we’re requiring contractors to submit a COVID-19 safety plan before returning to work,” Walsh said.

Construction companies must follow a set of strict guidelines to keep workers safe and prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

“We are absolutely excited. We’ve had about 50 projects throughout New England, more than half of them shut down,” said Shawmut Design and Construction CEO Les Hiscoe.

Shawmut Design and Construction has new COVID-19 procedures posted at all its projects. The company even designed a phone app that checks and tracks employees’ health data before allowing them on site. PPE is also required for the job.

“In construction, there are a lot of two-person tasks and so with face coverings, we also require face shields just to really prevent the spread if anyone has to be in close proximity,” said Hiscoe.

Mayor Walsh said the city had already received nearly 2,300 construction safety plans.

Starting next week, salons and barbershops will reopen in the city.

Office buildings won’t open in Boston until June 1. That’s a week later than the rest of the state.

Walsh still has concerns with the office capacity guidelines. “I think 25% the first day is too much, right now I think that there needs to be some, we need to start thinking about how we do that,” he said.

Mike LaCrosse

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