By Sarah Wroblewski

BOSTON (CBS) – A bright, but breezy day ahead this Tuesday. The combination of high pressure pressing south from Canada and Arthur spinning well south (over 300 miles away) of New England is creating sustained winds near 20 mph, with gusts up to 30 mph possible today. There may even be a few gusts up to 40 mph over Cape Cod. This stiff wind will mean below average temperatures Tuesday with highs at the 50’s at the coast, to some areas sneaking over 60 degrees inland. Overall, not a bad day, just the coolest of the week.

High cloudiness over southern New England early today is in association with the northern edge of Arthur as it moves east over the Atlantic. Arthur is expected to turn E/SE later this week towards Bermuda, making its closest approach to our area Tuesday. I do not expect any rain in our area, in fact, most of the week ahead will be dry!


High pressure will continue to push south Tuesday night into Wednesday. Temperatures will fall back into the 40’s overnight under mainly clear skies and another bright day is expected on Wednesday. Winds will be lighter, with temperatures in the low to mid 60’s, but 50’s at the coast.

Keep in mind, if you are trying to get some Vitamin D, the sun angle is strong enough to create a sunburn if you are outside unprotected for over 30 minutes. Pollen levels will also be running high and increasing through the week as temps rise!


This area of high pressure that will dominate our weather the next few days will help push rain chances to our south and away from the area, so mainly dry conditions are expected through the week. Winds will turn out of the southwest by Thursday meaning temps will rebound into the 70’s under mostly sunny skies. Friday is looking even warmer as some areas may touch 80 degrees!


Currently, the holiday weekend is looking dry and warm. We’ll have to watch carefully as an area of low pressure will near the region from the Mid-Atlantic, but may pass just south of us on Saturday. There is a slight chance of a shower for southeastern areas, but there is also a good chance it may pass to our south with little to no impact.

Temperatures will be normal to slightly above in the mid to upper 60’s, but cooler at the coast. By Memorial Day, highs will touch near 70, with mostly sunny skies.

Sarah Wroblewski


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