DEDHAM (CBS) – A well-known urologist charged with killing his wife was ordered held without bail Monday. Ingolf “Harry” Tuerk, 58, pleaded not guilty in Dedham District Court to a murder charge in the death of Kathleen McLean, a 45-year-old mother from Dover.

McLean had last been seen in her Valley Road house Thursday night. Around 11 p.m. Saturday, police found her body in a small pond off Walpole Street in Dover, not far from the couple’s home. Police believe she was killed during an argument between her and her husband.

During the arraignment Monday, prosecutor Lisa Beatty said the medical examiner found “injuries and bruising consistent with strangulation.” Beatty said statements from Tuerk to police led them to McLean’s body.

Ingolf Tuerk and Kathleen McLean (Facebook Photo)

Tuerk was arrested Saturday night and charged with his wife’s murder. Police found him unresponsive in a Dedham hotel. They had to revive him with Narcan, which is used to revive those suffering from opioid overdoses.

At the hospital, Tuerk allegedly told police he strangled McLean and then panicked when he realized she was dead, dumping her body in a pond near the home.

Tuerk was once the head of urology at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Brighton. Steward Health Care, the parent organization of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, released a statement over the weekend saying “Dr. Tuerk has not seen or treated patients as part of Steward Medical Group for more than a year. He was formally terminated in February.”

Dr. Ingolf Tuerk in a 2015 interview with WBZ-TV. (WBZ-TV)

The couple got married in December, but McLean accused Tuerk of abuse several times dating back to the same month. In one incident, McLean told police she thought she was going to die when he strangled her and threw her head back into a head board.

In January, McLean filed a report saying Tuerk threw her to the ground asking if she was cheating on him. In February, she filed a restraining order against him.

Tuerk is due back in court for a status hearing on June 10.

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  1. Vincent Vega says:

    He looks like a likable guy. sarc/

  2. Dr. Gerard Young says:

    Where is the judge who let this guy go after violent domestic abuse? This is not an isolated incident in Massachusetts – it is a pattern! The Massachusetts judicial system does NOT protect the victim(s) from domestic abuse. I am calling, again, for greater transparency into the judicial system – their financials, their prior relationships with prosecutors and defense attorneys, and all the terms of domestic abuse releases. Too many people are being killed in Massachusetts as a result of these unscrupulous dealings. Too many children are being placed back into the custody of the very same people who abused them! That is unconscionable in this day and age. How many of these people need to die before this Massachusetts Legislature and Judiciary make substantive changes? I am calling for federal review because it’s obvious to me this state is incapable or unwilling to police itself.

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