BROCKTON (CBS) — Last month, when COVID-19 cases started to mount at the Brockton VA Hospital, officials decided to create a wing within the facility for just those patients. Then, they asked for volunteers to work in the unit. Amy Hanson was the first.

“This is the closest thing I could do to serve our veterans and our country,” she said.

But when others found out Hanson had volunteered, they stepped forward to do so too.

Lindsay Lefers is a physical therapist. “We felt we could use our skills to help these veterans return to their lives,” she said.

Some of the volunteers as the Brockton VA Hospital. (WBZ-TV)

Paul Lehan added, ”I was never in the service, but I appreciate our veterans. They really are heroes.”

Not long after the volunteers started going into the coronavirus unit, someone suggested they change the name to a place warm and sunny. So now, the COVID unit is called the Cabo unit.

“It gives you hope. It gives you affirmation. It gives you strength to keep going, to keep pushing,” said Lucindy St. Martin.

And everyday is started with an inspirational reading, like one from the book of Jesus. “…instead of bemoaning the loss of your comfort, accept the challenge of something new.”

Bill Shields


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