BOSTON (CBS) — A group of young people are helping the elderly stay safe and fed during the coronavirus crisis. Boston-area high school students have created a non-profit organization to deliver food for free.

“We’re providing free delivery service for elderly or anyone in need, and we’re also providing them masks with the delivery,” said Cole Strachan, a junior at Boston Latin.

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The effort was Strachan’s idea. He and his friends call their group “A Helping Elbow.”

“I just thought elbow because touching elbows not hands. I thought it was a little play on words,” he said.

It’s an amusing name, but the group has a serious mission to make sure people who can’t get to the grocery store have the food they need.

“We’re just showing people that they don’t need to put themselves at risk. It feels good to do something good during this time,” Strachan said.

About 20 students are part of the effort. Matt Balitskiy oversees deliveries, Taylor Murray is a mask-maker and Evan Durrant handles finances.

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“I thought it was a great idea right away, and I just wanted to join and help any way I could,” Durrant said.

They’re also making and selling face masks to raise money for Feeding America.

“I know that if I was in a situation where I needed help in a time like this, I would want someone else to feel good about helping me,” Murray said.

The people they’re helping usually pay for the groceries, but the group uses some of its fundraising dollars to help with that when necessary.

“We were in a position where we had the ability to help others, so why not make the most of our time and actually have a good impact on other people,” Balitskiy said.

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To request a delivery or to buy a mask for $5, visit their website.