By Jim Smith

RUTLAND (CBS) — There was a dramatic show of support in Rutland Saturday as the community paid tribute to a Rutland police officer who is battling the coronavirus.

Detective John Songy is hospitalized at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester. Saturday afternoon, hundreds of vehicles cruised through Rutland, all united in their desire to show Detective Songy’s family how much they care.

Organizer Jake Pettes said it’s been a grassroots effort all the way. “It’s been under a week that we’ve had time to organize this entire thing. It’s been a multi-faceted effort between a lot of good people and a lot of good police departments. It’s really important for the Songy family. He’s been a detective in town for a long time.”

John Songy

The procession wound its way past St. Vincent Hospital. John Songy’s wife Joanne had coronavirus too, but has since recovered. She’s been asking other recovered coronavirus patients to donate their plasma for her husband.

The community is also raising money to help out the family.

“A hundred percent of all the money is going towards the family to help them with their cause and to keep them going,” Pettes said. “Joanne his wife is 100% appreciative. She’s also a nurse. It really showed people what a community’s all about.”

Jim Smith


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