BOSTON (CBS) — If you were to ask the average baseball fan about how well commissioner Rob Manfred is doing his job, you’d likely get responses that run the gamut. If you were to ask Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer, your answer would be a little bit more definitive. And it wouldn’t be very nice.

One of the most outspoken athletes in America, Bauer has directly called out the commissioner in recent months. And now with the players and owners locked in a fight regarding the financial details of a return of baseball, Bauer is at it again.

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“It doesn’t sit well with me,” Bauer said regarding the 50-50 revenue split proposal, in a video he posted to YouTube. “The other — slightly lighthearted — but if I’m going to have to trust my salary to Rob Manfred marketing the game to make more money for the game, I am out on that. Let me market the game, then we’ll make more money.”

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This is, of course, a topic near and dear to Bauer’s heart. In February, he released a video specifically to insult and deride Manfred for the league’s issues with growing the game and marketing the game.

“You should probably know something about media,” Bauer said to Manfred, by way of YouTube video, in February. “You should probably understand what people are connecting with. Since those are the people that voted you in as commissioner, you should probably understand something about media.”

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After that somewhat explosive video made some waves, Bauer met with Manfred to discuss the league’s decision on punishing the Astros for sign stealing. Bauer initially gave “props” to Manfred for taking that meeting, but the pitcher still clearly holds some reservations about Manfred’s ability to perform his job well.