BOSTON (CBS) — Last week, Sen. Ed Markey along with Senators Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris introduced legislation that would give Americans $2,000 a month throughout the coronavirus crisis. WBZ-TV’s Liam Martin spoke with Markey Thursday about his plan and another bill he’s proposing.

The monthly payments would be retroactive to March and continue for three months after the pandemic ends. All United States residents making less than $120,000 a year would get one.

“While we sent a one-time $1,200 check to everyone in America, it’s not enough,” Markey said.

The estimated $6 trillion plan will need support from Republicans to have any hope of becoming law. Markey predicts the GOP will start to come around if the economy continues to deteriorate.

“While some people say we can’t afford to do it, the reality is we can’t afford not to do it,” he said. “That reality is going to become much more evident as each week goes by, as each month goes by as we get closer to 1930s Depression-era economic conditions.

Markey also talked about a plan he introduced with Sen. Elizabeth Warren to force airlines to give cash back to passengers, the testimony of ousted virus expert Dr. Rick Bright, and his Senate race against Rep. Joe Kennedy. Watch the full interview in the video above.

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  1. tcg says:

    As a Baby Boomer, I’d like to thanks all the Gen-Z’ers and Millennials for paying all this debt! Couldn’t do this without picking your pockets for a lifetime! Go Progressives!

    1. coch01 says:

      As a Gen-X’er I’d like to thank you, and your fellow Boomers for bankrupting us with your “in it for me” policies so Gen Z’ers and Millennial have to pay for all this debt! Go “What’s in it for me” Boomers!

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