BOSTON (CBS) — The coronavirus Public Health Emergency will not be lifted in Boston next week, Mayor Marty Walsh announced Friday. It will remain in place until further notice.

“The same applies for our guidelines for physical, social distancing and face covering,” Walsh said. “Many people are feeling a bit worn down after living through two months of this. I know that everyone is deeply concerned about the economic impacts, I share those concerns. But the fastest and the most sustainable way out of this situation is a healthy way. We simply can’t afford any unnecessary setbacks. If we come back too soon, there will be a second surge.”

If that’s the case, “we’ll be in a lot worse situation than we are today.”

Walsh said decisions about when to reopen are based on science.

“We prioritize the health and security of all our residents. I want to see our city bustling again. I want to see people coming back in. I want to see construction starting again. I want to see our restaurants full. I want to see our retail shops full. I want to go to Fenway. I want to go to Foxboro. I want to go to the Garden. I want to do all the stuff that’s been missing. But we can’t out of the safety just jump right back into it,” the mayor said.

Seniors and frontline workers are still in a “vulnerable category” even when reopening begins.

On Monday, Gov. Charlie Baker is expected to release a four-phase plan to reopen the state.

Comments (5)
  1. Frank DeLorey says:

    Communist union thug…..

  2. Sheila says:

    Probably a good thing to wait a bit longer

  3. Mike Parker says:

    Show us the statute that a sitting mayor (without a legislature) can issue a decree and force citizens to do something until further notice? How about none, which means he cannot enforce anything. All Boston businesses should defy him. It’s time a court of law shuts down Maaahty’s non-laws. I mean really, he is not a champion, not even close. He’s a plastic bag-banning liar.

  4. tcg says:

    The business are laying over for these guys. (Baker and Walsh) They get what they deserve! Damm Golfer’s fought harder for there recreation than these business’s are fighting for their livelihoods. But what do you expects from such a progressive city? They are happy at home playing video games I guess? Beats working.

  5. Jo Cap says:

    14 days to flatten the curve? remember that lie? Marty Walsh isn’t bright enough to screw in a light bulb. There are no vaccines for ANY Corona viruses and we may never have one.

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