By Breana Pitts

BOSTON (CBS) – A Boston hospital has found a clear solution to the communication barrier created by masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Masks can be a problem for patients who are deaf, hard of hearing and the elderly who rely on lip reading.

So, a team at Brigham and Women’s Hospital has brought in transparent face masks for workers.

About 500 of these new transparent masks are being distributed around the hospital.

James Wiggins, ASL Interpreter at the Brigham, wears the new transparent mask. (Photo credit: Brigham and Women’s Hospital)

The Disability Task Force at the Brigham worked on getting the masks. They focus on patients and families with disabilities and the additional ways COVID-19 may effect them.

The Brigham says the new masks are also being used by sign language interpreters at the hospital.

The best part about them? You can see a smile.

Breana Pitts