BOSTON (CBS) – There is an online push from some members of the Class of 2020 who don’t want to miss out on graduation because of coronavirus.

More than a dozen petitions have been started by local students and their parents calling on schools to host in-person graduations later in the year, rather than holding virtual commencement ceremonies.

There’s more than 11,000 signatures so far on the petitions.

The high schools they are targeting are Northampton, Groton-Dunstable, Wachusett, Lunenburg, Worcester, Malden Catholic, Brookline, Belmont, Lawrence, North Andover, Quincy, Milton, Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School and Cape Cod Technical High School.

The petitions are being circulated and signed on The website says graduation petitions are trending right now. They’ve seen them from almost every state and there’s more than 550,000 signatures nationwide.

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  1. SEAN ROONEY says:

    Ask Bob Kraft to do them at GILLETTE

  2. shaun baran says:

    dumbest thing ever. live free and die!!!! “Is we learning yet”, as another moran **resident, George W. Bush once said!!!!! That was right before he invaded Iraq…….why, he didn’t know!!!!!! I guess these kids are not headed to medical school? ha haha, dumb joke, I know, but.! What has become of the USA. How totally stoopid beyond any boundaries of idiocy! WOW! Go for it, these are future Republicans anyways. (Just kidding)/. sounds unsafe. no way. bye. is this saturday night live? No, then we are in trouble city. They want to potentially get sick and die, it should say/…….duh. Of course they should do it!!!!!! who wants to live? I realize it sucks for the kids, but don’t be an idiot. Unless your a Republican, then hurry up!

  3. Mary Sweeney says:

    Dumb and dumber… They don’t deserve to graduate. If I were a parent or a grandparent of one of these idiots I’d write them right out of my will – no second thoughts. And if they were counting on me to fund their college education, well they’d have a surprise coming.

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