By Bill Shields

TAUNTON (CBS) – This virus has touched us all. And taken the lives of thousands.

So imagine: If you’re a funeral home director, not only is your business up 50% but so is your emotional stress. “Emotionally, it’s taken away something we never thought we’d lose, and that’s our ability to help people,” said Amy Silva, of Silva Funeral Home.

COVID-19 “rules” prohibit any gathering of 10 or more people., so it forces a new level of stress into funeral homes.

“So it kinda breaks our heart, on an emotional level, every time we have to iron out things that can’t be done,” Silva said.

Mark MacDonald, of MacDonald Funeral Home, said during large wakes, they’ve started staggering groups of 10 mourners. “It’s hard on us when you tell a family you can only have so many people come.”

The emotional stress is difficult, but funeral home employees are not considered front-line workers, so they are also running short of personal protective equipment.

“We’re kind of being left in the dust, and we can’t get them,” MacDonald said.

Bill Shields


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