(CBS Local)– Provincetown and Cape Cod will be in the spotlight because of a brand new show coming out this Sunday, May 17 on Starz.

The scripted series is called “Hightown” and the drama from executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer is all about a National Fisheries Marine Service Agent who lives in Provincetown and becomes involved in a murder investigation and the Cape’s heroin epidemic. Monica Raymund and James Badge Dale star in the show and Raymund is excited for people to check out this murder mystery.

“It was crazy. It’s a fun ride on Hightown. It’s a crime drama centered around a murder investigation that takes place in Cape Cod and I play Jackie Quinones, who is this hard core, partying, messy, rough around the edges girl,” said Raymund in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “You start to see her struggle with her sobriety and she comes across this dead body that washes up on the beach and then becomes completely immersed in who this girl’s killer was.”

Raymund knew that Provincetown was a LGBTQ haven, but she didn’t know much about the seaside town prior to shooting this show.

“I had never been to Cape Cod, but I heard it was lovely and people are super inclusive,” said Raymund. “That was my first time being there. It’s strange to have that dichotomy that you have to learn to navigate as a character. What’s interesting about towns like this is tourists have one experience with the town and culture and then once everyone goes to bed or after the peak season, then you’re left with the underbelly of the town. You realize the danger and the violence and it’s all wrapped up in this drug trade. Right now, it’s such a terrible topic for so many people in this country. The opioid epidemic, heroin, and fentanyl, you see how pervasive it is and how many lives it destroys.”

“Hightown” premieres Sunday, May 17 on Starz.


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